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First of all, i don’t usually write reviews, but had to do in this case. We have a young child in special needs. So we needed very specific requirements about the garden, patio access,bricks,tarmac etc. We have been searching for a person who will do these things for us for about 2 years. Numerous of times trades people came and went, majority of them didn’t even bother to come back with the price, because it was very awkward, specific requirements, probably they couldn’t be bothered. Probably it was hard for them. I was just about to lose hope, i have seen Paul’s leaflet somewhere and decided to give him a call. He came and had a look, explained him the situation, straight away he said “NO PROBLEM AT ALL” and he came back with a really really really reasonable price. Job is booked in, they turned up with a skilled team. Then magic. 3 days in and now we have a brilliant patio, garden, drain, access. Everything turned out how we wanted, everthing was exactly how we planned, inch by inch. Where others failed miserably, telling me awkward job, big job, it will take 5 to 6 days etc, PAUL mastered it with his team. Couldn’t have wished more, couldn’t be happier. So I felt like I needed to tell everyone, now our little 4yrs old princess can go all around the garden, patio, drive, back garden front garden wherever she wishes. Now This is PRICELESS. A huge thank you to Paul and his team, my daughter has more freedom now.

Well done Paul, well done boys. An exceptionall tradesman above the rest.I would recommend him to anyone.

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